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What Keeps Me Up At Night

Mission:  Do more with less.  I draw on my passions of art and music to build a skill set, acquired over a life's worth of design and audio experience.  If the things I make are strong, visually stimulating & unique, I'm happy,  If they make your life easier, more efficient & enjoyable, I am fulfilled.

An Early Start

Apparently, when I was 5 I terrorized my parents into signing me up for private art lessons by holding my stomach and nutrition hostage.  I wouldn't eat my veggies until the simple demand was met. 

Razor Blades and Paraphernalia 

In 9th grade, a very fair trade in the high school parking lot landed me a copy of Photoshop and some tools to cut graffiti stencils.  Screen-printing came next but both mediums built off of my previous experience with painting and illustration & forced my hand into learning digital image manipulation. 

College Was A Joke

Before leaving the country for music school, I took a few fine art classes.  Those and the discovery of buffalo chicken where my favorite academic experiences at the University of Rhode Island.

Rock & Roll Will Set You Free

If it weren't for all of the show posters I had to make, I never would've learned my way around Adobe Illustrator, thus giving me the prowess I needed to transition over to the laser cutter and CNC router.  My combined experiences in music (band // DJ) and visual art have culminated in my latest venture: Live projected video.

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